LifeHacks: when you need socks for high heels.

This is perfect for when you have leggings that go with a long-ish blouse.

Pantyhose does not always work – especially when wearing heels with pants or leggings. In fact, there’s another alternative to using hose or hose stockings – One Easy Trick not often taught, but instead learned through trial and error – and need.

Paper towels can be fitted to the feet by wrapping a portion over your toes and then sliding the foot in, and tucking the paper towel around the foot to fit neatly into the shoe.

HOWEVER. Not all paper towels are equal.

The ones I prefer are called White Rags in a Box, made in the USA and are sold in places like Home Depot – these paper towels are so awesome and durable that ONE can be used and re-used to clean an entire stove-top.

White Rags in a Box are perfect for shoes where actual socks would be super tacky, and plenty of testing has resulted in the discovery that these super thick and absorbent towels can last literally all day long, while providing a bit of cushioning for feet.

So, why do this? It helps minimize the amount of stink left into a shoe due to foot sweat staying in a shoe. This also helps avoid needing to clean the inside of the shoe.



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