Ad-free Solitaire for Windows 10 – for FREE!

I stopped playing all of the Windows 10 games because of the ads; they’re downright annoying and the ads are very jarring to people (like me) who play these games to relax.

And to have an ad-free experience? It’s a SUBSCRIPTION service – $10/year per game.

There are a few very quick, easy, and free ways to obtain ad-free games – both involve downloading and installing programs – and the main difference between the two are this: the look and feel of the games.

1 — Portable Apps – the Portable Apps site ( — this site has *the most* comprehensive stash of free and ad-free games I have ever seen. Some of these games are NOT lightweight, either – there is one RPG that is equivalent to any one of the adventure games that were commercially-sold in the 1990s / early 2000s.

** BONUS ** Portable Apps is a LOT more than games – there are fascinating educational and Good for Work type apps – and you can run them from a flash drive if the computer you’re using allows executables to run off flash drives.

2 — Winaero blog page ( — this page has true-form Windows 7 games that have been modded to block version checking, and there are no ads; this blog page is totally worth visiting if you want true classic Win7 games.

***CAVEAT*** – there are misleading ads all over the page – do NOT click ANY of the greem buttons! The download link is found immediately above the PayPal donation button.

Aaaand there ya have it – two FREE methods of not paying to have zero ads for games!

NOTE: The software developer in me pleads for you to consider a donation to any site’s author that provides solutions like these – if you’ve used the software and enjoy it – please consider donating something like $10 so that brilliant people do not have to go schlep at some minimum-wage jerb, and are granted the financial leeway to be able to continue making this world a lil’bit better, one cool app / solution each time.



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