Lunch on a buck: Chicken Noodle Rice

Folks, ramen noodles now have serious competition.  This dish is easy, quick, requires only five ingredients, and – best of all – no actual measuring cups are needed.  And, you cook this with three button-pushes on the microwave. This dish tasted so good I forgot to take a nice pic.

And the creator of this recipe is yours truly (the author of this article).

Arborio Chicken Noodle Rice

Your bowl – any standard *microwavable* soup bowl that can hold 2-3 cups of liquid.
Arborio rice – fill the lid with a third-full of rice, drop rice in bowl. Do this twice more.
Lipton Cup-a-soup – drop a packet of chicken soup mix in the bowl.
Parsley – drop one heaping teaspoon of it on top.
Ladybug Picnic (seasoned Sea Salt) – season the dish to taste – drop in before cooking.
Water – fill the bowl with about 1.25x the volume as you have rice, you can always add more.
**OPTIONAL** you can add a can of chicken to add flavor and nutrition, at ~$2 extra cost.
**OPTIONAL** I add two drops of DoTerra Lemon Oil to brighten up the taste.

Hit the preset Six button on your microwave – stir a tad bit.
Hit that Six again, check to see if you need more water, stir a bit more.
Now hit preset Two and then when that’s finished, check to see if you have extra water.

If you’re left over with a tiny bit of extra water, just let the rice sit and absorb the water for a few minutes.  The dish will be VERY hot.  Let it sit for anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes.


soup mix, parsley flakes, rice, seasoned salt

The main ingredients


This dish is excellent for people who cannot necessarily leave to go out and eat.  I’m including the source for all my ingredients except for the bowl.

Arborio Rice – $2 to $8 – you can hit up Kroger, Publix, or Wal-Mart for their in-store brand or – like I do – buy from Amazon –

Cup-a-Soup – 1.8oz size – ~$2.19 to $18 (bulk 12-boxes) – Amazon has the best price, running at approx $1.50 per box in the bulk 12-box option. Each box has 4 packets, bringing per-serving cost to ~ 38 cents. Get it here:

Ladybug Picnic salt – $8 – by Beautiful Briny Sea – is sold directly from their site – here is a direct link:

Parsley flakes – $2-$20 (bulk) – Here’s a bulk deal on Amazon:

CONCLUSION – this recipe is perfect to pack into a small, light “care package” for a college student, as the ingredients don’t require refrigeration and do not take up a lot of space.  A lunch-sized portion can certainly be pre-mixed ahead of time and put into a small container to stash into a purse or pocket.

5/25/2018 – by Amy Barnes, photos by Amy Barnes.


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