Magnolia Crossing – Marietta Square Protest & Press Release – 1/24/16

MARIETTA, GA — Jan 24, 2016 — A protest is slated to be held at later today (Sun, Jan 24, 2016) at Marietta Square at 5pm today with a press conference scheduled for 6pm.  Read the following press release below for more information:





January 24, 2016


Today on Marietta Square – Protest at 5pm, Press Conference at 6pm.

The GA community Coalition is declaring an immediate state of emergency in Cobb County – ~30 families, almost all of them with babies and/or children, will be facing immediate homelessness and refugee status in dangerous subfreezing conditions.

The South Cobb Redevelopment Authority (SCRA) has withheld relocation assistance payments that were promised to these families, forcing hundreds of people to relocate on very short notice during the holiday season with absolutely no resources whatsoever.

We are demanding that the Cobb County Redevelopment Authority supply $1,000 in promised assistance up-front plus a refund on the last month’s rent.

There is a possibility of emergency litigation but we are primarily focused on holding the Redevelopment Authority accountable as this is a life-threatening situation; people have already frozen to death and now entire families face homelessness in mid-winter.

We are reaching out to have as many Magnolia Park families as possible available on the Square to share their stories. is being developed and flyers will be available with more info on how area residents can help these families.

– Amy Barnes,
Georgia Community Coalition
(678) 368-7821 Cell

For More Information:

Michael Dorsey – (404) 784-9933 –
Amy Barnes – Cell: (678) 368-7821 –

Archived in PDF format here: MagnoliaPressRelease-16_1_24_UPDATED



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