Caught on video: fight over the bus being super late (CCT Route 10).

ATLANTA – Aug. 8, 2015 — [VIDEO] A CCT manager’s decision to demand that a bus wait for an emergency van to ferry stranded passengers to the waiting bus turned an already-delayed morning commute into fodder for an argument on the CCT 10. The verbal sparring spilled out onto the MARTA Arts Center Station bus bay – see the embedded video below.

The YouTube video:

It all started when the bus was already running late, and was blocked from stopping in at the Cumberland Mall stop, leaving several patrons stranded.  The driver, not knowing what to do, continued on but radioed in for an emergency van to come pick up the stranded people. Management had the bus driver stop and wait several minutes for the stranded passengers to be brought over to the bus, causing further delays.

When the people boarded the bus, one woman loudly opined that all passengers stranded were African-American, in spite of the fact that the driver himself was African-American.  A construction worker, upset over the delay, told the woman to stop griping.  The two people got into a verbal altercation.


The construction worker eventually approached the woman on the bus as what could be seen as possible threats were issued back and forth.  Both parties continued the argument out onto the MARTA station bus bay.


Several bystanders worked to tear the two apart with one bystander physically picking up the woman and carrying her off, and eventually both parties were separated.


Ideally, the CCT management should change policy to enable bridge / gap transit to ferry passengers all the way to their designated stops so that the bus is not delayed.  Also, the bus driver should have had some other option such as pulling into a slightly different spot to collect passengers in the event that a stop is blocked from bus access.

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