Bait-and-run video: humiliated police now want to sue for “waste of time.”

WARSAW, POLAND – A troll takes the concept of clickbait, but applies it to the police in a humiliating video that now has the police wanting to take him to court.  In the video, a man baits the police by walking near them drinking (apple juice) from a beer bottle. When the police go for the easy ticket, the man refuses to give ID and, setting the bottle down in front of startled police officers, bolts off.  Some officers give chase, others don’t. The man, known on YouTube as SA Wardega, taunts and teases officers to follow him, asking if they’ve passed their fitness exams.  Wardega is, obviously, very physically fit.

Zrzut ekranu z kanału

The video, entitled “Police Trainer,” has over 12.5 Million views. The officers, angry at the waste of their time, now want to take him to court, but trolling might not be litigable.

Here’s the video:

The Daily Mail originally reported a more in-depth story about this video:

Możesz przeczytać co Polskie media ma do powiedzenia na ten film tutaj:,sa-wardega-skazany-przez-sad-za-trenowanie-policji



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