Is Cobb County’s law library breaking the law?

MARIETTA, GA — August 10, 2015 — Cobb County got the bright idea to put its law library in the basement of the State Court building without installing a freely accessible elevator.  In fact, the law library can only be accessed by the disabled from behind a locked door and a myriad of hallways and passageways.  Able-bodied people get to use 51 steep concrete steps down three floors.  Well, you would think that a brand new Superior Court building would be the golden opportunity to resolve this issue.  Nope!  The County leadership simply left the county law library in the same (inaccessible) spot.

You would think that the law library, of all possible places, would be the dead last liability for litigation, but, this is Cobb County we’re talking about.  

See for yourself on the State Court building directory page where the law library is at:

Here’s a screenshot of part of the County’s website for the State Court building directory:
LawLibraryMultiple attempts to resolve this issue were made, including a request for a call-back.  Nothing has happened.

Cobb County’s law library really sucks as far as accessibility goes – the wait can be as long as 15 minutes for a deputy to be freed to escort a disabled visitor behind a locked door and through a rat’s nest of pathways and doors to get to the library.

Here is a summary of what the Brown v. Board of Education case decision stated:

Basically, the fact that the disabled are required to be escorted to facilities that are definitely NOT  equal by way of access, due to the “time tax” imposed upon disabled visitors, because the waiting time required for a deputy to show up for escort duty is essentially a hurdle to jump in order to access the law library.

An official complaint has been filed with the Department of Justice.  Whether Cobb County takes the issue of accessibility seriously is another matter.

Here’s a cute meme pic that sums up the fact that the law library is a litigation liability:
cobb law librarySimply put, the County leadership needs to do something about this law library so that disabled people do not have to be treated like second-class citizens regarding access to a government-run facility.

Share this article and get the word out for the rights of the disabled – this is 2015 – accessibility really should not even be an issue in this day and age.




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