Lawsuit: professional beggars scammed the public for nearly $160 Million

“Spare a buck?  I need a BMW.”  Chances are, you’d laugh and say no.  But wear pink & say “cancer,” and the story changes – to the tune of $158 Million, according to the FTC in a lawsuit.

(c) 2015 Amy Barnes, all rights reserved.

(c) 2015 Amy Barnes, all rights reserved.

Three executives for cancer charities agreed to settle charges and the FTC has filed a lawsuit against a total of four charities related to approximately $187 Million in donations, 85 percent of it allegedly spent on all kinds of things such as dating website memberships, trips to theme parks, lavish salaries, and more.

Here is the story from NBC:

And here is the story from CNN:

As cities around the nation wage war on the homeless and out-of-luck trying to make a buck, professional beggars are free to solicit.

The Tampa Bay Times’ investigation shows a listing of “America’s Worst Charities” that details how much of your (or that of someone you know) money is going to pay for luxe lifestyles instead of actual charitable efforts.

Next time you see someone soliciting for a charity, check to see where the money actually goes.  CharityWatch rates charities here:




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