Trend Watch: Grant Park Vapor (Atlanta)

UPDATE — Grant Park Vapor has closed shop and is no longer open.  🙁  This article is left here so people searching for Grant Park Vapor can see what was written about the shop while it was open.

One man’s American dream involves his own struggle with a two-pack per day cigarette habit and his failing health.  He searched for his “magic bullet” against cigarettes, and Grant Park Vapor is what happened.


Nestled between Tin Lizzy’s Cantina and My Friend’s Growler Shop, the Vapor is where the cool cats go to kick butt – both in art and against cigarette habits.  The owners offer a line of e-hookahs, e-cigarettes, filler liquids, and (of course) art from local folk artists.

Address:  415 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30312
Click link above to get directions from Google Maps

2pm until 10pm (Sun-TH)
2pm until 2am (Fri / Sat)

E-mail:  grantparkvapor [at] gmail [dot] com



Phone:  (678) 956-9925

If you are interested in saving both your wallet and your health, give this shop a visit and check out the different flavors and styles of vaping.  And you will be supporting a family’s American dream.

If you have visited Grant Park Vapor, please leave a review in the comments.


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