The war on the public: “Don’t trust the system.”

I will be posting a publication shortly with resources available to fully explain why we should not trust the criminal justice system, what we can do to support ourselves, and how we can resolve the core issues of inadequate public defense, mandatory minimum sentencing hurting families and society, the unlawful pressure to plead guilty that stems from the “prosecute at all costs” model of criminal justice, and the education system that prepares citizens for a life either as a slave or a prisoner.

Here is where you can download the PDF for tonight – it’s just an outline for now but will be updated later tonight.

The war on the public – dont trust the criminal justice system – PDF

Please check back for the update, which will be posted within 24 hours.

If you would like to donate to the publication of a short booklet on core issues the poor and minority classes face, I will be posting a guide on the criminal justice system and donors will receive the guide as soon as I am done publishing it – here’s where you can contribute to my work:

Thank you,
~ Amy Barnes


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Author has extensive experience in Retail, including two years as a supervisor. Educated in Psychology, Financial Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Programming. Work experience in Law Enforcement, Security (IT), Programming (REALBasic, SQL, VB, JAVA), Retail.
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