From the side of the road: a diary of a nightmare in the snow.

SMYRNA —  January 29, 2014 — It’s 4:31 am as I write this, having just come in to shelter at the Publix off of East West Connector and South Cobb Drive. The salt trucks still haven’t passed through this area given the conditions of the roadway. I am charging my phone off the cigarette lighter as I sit here typing.

More shall be posted on idiot and aggressive drivers later on.

I am still up after having worked six grueling hours (we’ll call it the Cobb County workout) with a team of 7 to 14 people shoving cars up two steep hills and directing traffic. Yes, I have training on emergency services / situation management as I was once a volunteer first responder.

I set out originally to purchase fourteen postage stamps and ask the (shocked) postal clerk for at least thirty Certified Mail and Signature Receipts. Litigation pleadings don’t get serviced by magic, ya know…

So, what was expected to take an hour took… ehm, … 13 hours. Yikes. Here’s what happened: we were coming back home from the post office when we encountered slippery snow and a very steep hill and decided to take a much longer but hopefully less hilly route home. Bad idea.

The snow melted very slightly and formed into thick ice that became watery as tires shaved off the top of the ice.  Then it got worse.

Each intersection became clogged as aggressive drivers crowded the more easily intimidated slower drivers into stopping, and losing momentum enough to get over the steep(er) hilly terrain. And some of these cars were low on gas. So some of these cars that got stuck very quickly got abandoned.

Also, some cars did spin out on the roadway.

It’s now 5:37am and a Smyrna PD officer has announced that the East West Connector has been salted and graveled going out to South Cobb Drive. I thanked the officer and shook his hand. People, Smyrna PD has definitely earned my respect tonight. They are doing everything they can to help clear the roads.

I am now gassing up at QuickTrip having passed down South Cobb Drive just fine. The road does appear to be graveled and salted.

Photos and an update will be posted shortly. If you can, please stay home.

Smyrna police cars are patrolling the roads to check for stranded drivers.

Update (8:24 am) — Regarding the Dept of Transportation and others responsible for salting our roads — The DOT dropped the ball and we citizens picked it up and cleaned the snow jam out. The salt trucks were merely an afterthought – too little help, too late. When a disaster happens, we call on each other.  Next time, break out the kitty litter and rock salt – I unjammed several drivers from the ice with $2.99 bags of kitty litter when pushing alone would not do the job.


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