Cartoons – Braves Stadium in Cobb County

MARIETTA — (11/26/2013) — Cobb County’s proposal for a new stadium has come up.  Here are some GIF cartoons for the “NO” crowd, credit to Amy Barnes.

To get both GIF and PNG image formats, see this gallery of images:

1.  The Toilet – this was the first image I came up with while sitting in the crowd.  The Toilet has now made it across a few media outlets, yay.  Reproduce at will for protests!

The Toilet - GIF format

The Toilet – GIF format

2.  Back Door SPLOST – people were grumbling so I drew what they complained about.

Back Door SPLOST - PNG w/ TxT

Back Door SPLOST – PNG w/ TxT

3.  Taxing Tomahawks – someone saw me drawing, and suggested the tomahawks attacking people (the taxpayers).  Good suggestion.  Here it is (see image below):

Taxing Tomahawks - GIF format

Taxing Tomahawks – GIF format

4.  Fiscal Suicide – one laughing man asked me to draw a taxpayer jumping off the stadium.

Fiscal Suicide - GIF format

Fiscal Suicide – GIF format

There ya go – the gallery has PNG and GIF format.  If you paste the link to this page in FaceBook, I think you can choose between the images for a preview image.

Please credit Amy Barnes if you are using any of these images.  Thanks!




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Author has extensive experience in Retail, including two years as a supervisor. Educated in Psychology, Financial Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Programming. Work experience in Law Enforcement, Security (IT), Programming (REALBasic, SQL, VB, JAVA), Retail.
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