Zero-Care: The war on the poor, sponsored by ObamaCare?

SMYRNA, GA:  The Kaiser Family Foundation tool reveals the shocking fact that you can be too poor to receive a subsidy tax credit, but certainly not too poor to pay double the costs of a private plan provided by employers.  This is based on a married couple making $12,000 per year in Smyrna, Georgia.

First, here’s the YouTube video:

Follow the link provided below to see my results!

Look at the screenshots below in case the application gets altered:

TooPoorOne TooPoorTwo

Either the application I went to was broken (I doubt it!) or 0-Care is *not* meant to help the poor.  Essentially, this forced program can force the poor to pay ~ 40% of their income (double the cost of a plan provided traditionally by an employer) and there is a whopping $0 tax credit to offset the costs of the insurance.  This is a war on the very poor.

Video credit to Amy Barnes, Copyright (c) 2013.
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