BannedIt Speaks version Released

BannedIt Speaks is a compiler that will take a word list of Key Words and it will mix each Key Word with Stock Words into a text box.  Mad Libs mixed with the First Amendment.
UPDATE – The KeyWords file is now included in the BannedIt ZIP package.

DOWNLOAD LINK —>  BannedIt-v1009

Here is the TEXT FILE of a Word List to use: KeyWords

Here is the DeckHand Software funding page – as little as $1 or $5 helps keep BannedIt and other packages on the development docket.  The software is released free of charge, but the time, effort, and opportunity costs of activism is not free of charge.  Thank you for your help in allowing me to release my skills and products to the activism community!

You can assign a limit so that, say, 4 of the words will be used.
YES, the ONLY compile method available is STRAIGHT compile.
You can order the software to SHUFFLE the words for a randomized mix.

Thanks.  Share this link WIDELY.  I will be adding the Compile as Separate Lines feature ASAP.  I will be adding in the other two types of compile features shortly as well.

#TrollTheNSA – powered by the First Amendment – Destigamtize our language!

Scrfeenshot of BannedIt Speaks

Screenshot of BannedIt Speaks

Set the world alight in the awesomeness that the First Amendment brings to online speech.


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