Washington Supreme Court creates a new career – Limited License Legal Technician

“Protecting the monopoly status of attorneys . . . is not a legitimate objective.” – Page 7, Paragraph 2 of the Washington Supreme Court’s new ruling gets to the very core of why people cannot afford legal services, and explains a lot of why the Court ruled that a new career path should be adopted to allow non-lawyers to practice in limited areas of law.

The Limited License Legal Technician is addressed on a framework basis only, for now, and a separate licensing board will allow trained non-lawyers (in the near future) to address simple and oft-suffered legal concerns of the poor and underserved.

Please join me in support of this!  Contact your local legislator and ASK them to consider adopting the Limited License Legal Technician in ALL states!
http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml <– FIND your legislators here.

Here is the direct website link to the PDF file: http://www.courts.wa.gov/content/publicUpload/Press%20Releases/25700-A-1005.pdf

And here is the direct download link on this website:

The poor and middle classes have, for years, struggled to find affordable legal services, and this ruling should help clear the way for a limited-use industry to step in and provide a set of limited services.  No one is specifically authorized as of today (June 6th, 2013) to offer services under the LLLT registration program, as the details are still being worked out.

This ruling sets a historical precedent, as other states may soon follow suit, allowing for easier access to legal services across America.  A new industry is being born.  So, please, print this ruling out and send a copy with a letter requesting that your legislators adopt this ruling’s promise of a better future into ALL states!



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