Fax87 – I use it and it’s great!

I found an excellent fax service that is reliable and it is cheap enough that I find its use essential in litigation or other work that requires the use of faxes.  The best part of online fax service, to me, is that a paper trail is created when a copy of the fax is sent to, say for example, a G-Mail account.  Third party verifiable records from a paid service is one of the best ways that a party can prove that records were sent and received by other parties in a case.

I’ve used four fax services so far, and Fax87 offers the best bang for the buck.

Go sign up for a FREE trial of your own here:

It’s all of $10 a month, but if you ever need to send the occasional fax, it sure beats hanging around a retail counter miles away from the home and/or office waiting for a machine to work, and works well for real estate agents, lawyers, and other professionals who find that sending the occasional fax is a pain in the neck.  And, there’s no machine to maintain nor phone line to “tie up.”

Caveat: In Adobe Acrobat, you will need to “print” any OCR’d pdf files to a flat-file non-OCR format before trying to send a fax.  This applies to ALL digital fax services on the market that I’ve tried.

But by far, I highly recommend this service and was able to use it for litigation, discovery, and FOIA / ORA requests.  Government agencies have a MUCH faster response delivery timetable if you can provide an e-mail or secure fax line for them to use.

Have an awesome day.


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