iFound: Refilled cartridge trick for Brother HL-2270DW

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Okay, the cat is out of the bag, so we know that the printer manufacturers make insane profits from consumables – cartridges, branded paper, drums, etc.  These things are NOT cheap.

Many end users just do not have the money to throw away buying the “genuine” brand of laser cartridges, and manufacturers are starting to fight back through the “chipping” of their cartridges with a chip that tracks the number of printed pages and blocks any more from being printed beyond the “rated” pages per cartridge.

I bought a refill on my HL-2270DW and discovered that the “chipping” might also be used to block unauthorized third-party recycling of cartridges. The printer kept giving me a Replace Toner error, and I know from the heavy feel of the cartridge that it was freshly refilled with plenty of toner. Blocked? Probably.

Here is how to override that: the “Continue” mode!

On my Brother HL-2270DW, I simply press the GO button seven times rapidly to override the block on the cartridge. 

The downside of this is that the software will not warn me when my refill runs out of toner.  But, so far, it works.

Here is both a link to Brother’s own article,  and a PDF copy claimed for archival of proof of the existence of the original content under the “fair use” policy that journalists claim (as this *is* a reporting article).

Again, use this technique at your own risk.  Research your options before taking ANY advice from the Internet.

I highly recommend Cartridge World of Kennesaw for your next refill – the staff is very helpful and you can get your refills in person when you are in a pinch for time and cannot afford to wait for an online service to ship to you.  Call or e-mail ahead and make sure they have what you need, just make sure you are ready to hand them your empty genuine cartridge for recycling.  Also, if you have a cartridge and you do not know where to recycle them, these people will gladly help you by taking your empty genuine cartridges off your hands for refilling.  Help save this planet – give a refiller your empty consumables if you still plan to stick with the brand name cartridges.



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