How to handle workplace bullying

Fox 5 Atlanta’s Beth Galvin has released a cool new story that focuses on bullying at work, albeit under the guise of a “survey results” kind of story.

Here is a direct link to the story:

But STILL… at least the topic got a bit of attention.  Now, here are some solutions:

  • First and foremost, keep a log or a diary of all events.
  • Visit the Workplace Bullying Institute site – they have helpful information.
  • Visit an industrial psychologist.  This is a specialty that is unique and targeted to ONE area: work.  Some health plans will cover the expenses of a psychologist.
  • Read and thoroughly KNOW your policies and rules at work, because you may have to use them to neutralize a bully.
  • Do not immediately go to HR – go to a trusted friend outside of work and see if your story can be told in a way that is non-emotional and professional.  Consider how the manager(s) would view your story.  If it’s all emotion and very little fact, then the victim will look like s/he can’t play along with tough people.
  • Role-play with others you know outside of work to see if there is a better way of handling a bully – role-play is often used in therapy to desensitize victims to hard people and tough scenarios and better enable them to handle the bullies.
  • Read, and keep reading resources, such as psychology manuals and texts from a college library where Psychology is taught.
  • Consider taking college courses on Developmental and Abnormal Psychology – these courses will help you see, from a third-party view, some reasons why bullies act the way that they do, and stay calm.  Just think of them as crazy and play it cool 🙂

Sometimes bullies break the law and neither victim nor bully realizes it until it’s far too late to do anything about the damage and/or file a lawsuit. Victims should lawyer up as fast as they can, because advice from a seasoned attorney can make a huge difference – there are strict limitations upon when a case can be brought forward.

Do you have a story or comment about workplace bullying?  Use the Comments section and please keep personally identifiable information out of your comment(s).



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