Fannie Mae PWND by website prank

Fannie Mae has been pwnd by a fake website by an unknown third party.

Here is a direct link to the press release:

Yes, the URL is weirdly misspelled at “f a n n i e r n a e” instead of “f a n n i e m a e.”  Odd, but the correct spelling seems to pull a 404 error which leads me to believe that Fannie Mae did not produce the website.

While most companies will play some kind of URL tweaking in anticipation of server overloads due to vast numbers of overly excited and thrilled people crowding a page, they do so in an open and easy-to-see manner.  The “rn” and “m” are just too slick.

The unknown third-party culprit has yet to be properly identified, someone called the number and posted their findings here:

Fannie Mae’s legal team is now hot on the trail of the suspect.  See the Legal Team mention here:

HERE is the data from GoDaddy WHOIS., Secret Registration Customer ID 238852
Dyn Inc
816 Elm Street
Box 606
Manchester, NH 03101


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:, Secret Registration Customer ID 238852
Dyn Inc
816 Elm Street
Box 606
Manchester, NH 03101

Registration Service Provider:
(Dyn) Dynamic Network Services, Inc.
Login to your account at to manage
nameservers and contacts for your domain name.

Record last updated on 05-Sep-2012 13:32:30 UTC.
Record expires on 05-Sep-2013.
Record created on 05-Sep-2012.

This domain is delegated to Dyn Standard DNS:
Industry leading uptime since 2001! ** Learn more here: **

Domain status: clientDeleteProhibited

Whois Server:
Creation Date: 05-SEP-2012
Updated Date: 05-SEP-2012
Expiration Date: 05-SEP-2013

Have you been pranked?  Here are some indicators of a hoax:
1.  Clever little tricks with spelling of web addresses
2.  It’s your dream come true!  If it is really too good to be true, it likely is.
3.  The WHOIS data leads to a PO Box with contact info hidden.
4.  The site takes a while to load, which could indicate a third party intervening or a re-routing through a hidden frame designed to capture your data passing through.
5.  The DNS tables route to a different IP address than the normal “main” page’s IP.

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