Strike the Law: Disorderly Conduct is an Unconstitutional Law.

I am trying to get Disorderly Conduct laws stricken from the books across America.

Here is my YouTube video:

Disorderly Conduct is a vague “catch-all” or “gotcha” law that allows people to prosecute each other for, essentially, being unpopular.  Imagine the ultimate bullying tool – a law that codifies the requirement that all people follow the mainstream social rules and norms, or face fines and/or jail time.  Enter Disorderly Conduct.

Our courts, judges, and juries – and tax dollars – are put to better use than to persecute the actions of social and political minorities.  The law is essentially a pig in a poke, and REAL crimes such as rapes, robberies, thefts, and assaults are set aside and ignored while precious resources are wasted on a NON-CRIME.

Here are the legal reasons that all Disorderly Conduct laws need to be overturned and stricken from the law books nationwide:
1.  Your Due Process rights require a law to be definite and certain, and understandable.
2.  Your right to Free Speech / Expression are violated by the existence of these laws.
3.  Your right to be free of Discrimination & False Arrest are violated by enforcement.

Please support my campaign to Strike Disorderly Conduct laws from the books!

My own jury trial for dropping the F-Bomb in a public area and flipping the bird starts on: November 29th, 2012, at 9:00 AM – Judge Clayton, Court Room 3B.

[UPDATE: A new trial for March or May of 2013 is being set.]

The address is 12 E Park Sq, Marietta, GA 30090.  I am asking ALL people available to show up and call the Cobb County Solicitor’s Office and ask them why they are prosecuting free speech instead of focusing on REAL crime… how many victims are losing out on Justice while the prosecution pisses away billable hours on a NON-CRIME?

Thank you all for your support – I am a poor mother of two who has fought for others’ rights for over ten years, and I will be seeking to climb the mother of all Legal mountains trying to get Disorderly Conduct laws stricken from the books.

IF you have some spare time, here is the page that I have listed with FaceBook – the Peoples’ right to be free of social discrimination needs to be preserved.

Again, thanks to all who help me on my journey for justice.


About Amy Barnes

Author has extensive experience in Retail, including two years as a supervisor. Educated in Psychology, Financial Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Programming. Work experience in Law Enforcement, Security (IT), Programming (REALBasic, SQL, VB, JAVA), Retail.
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