Cartoon: Women get denied employment for having kids 1

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I am tempted to reveal the name of the staffing agency employee who rejected me, a female with children, from a 2nd Shift Warehouse job.  The company states that “No Felonies” are a factor.  Well?  I have no felonies.  I have a way to get to the job.  So, why the rejection?  No one will give me a straight answer.  As soon as I was finished filling out a W-4 form as a part of a package of Human Resources paperwork (the interviewer was sitting right there), the interviewer went to the work area, walked back out to the interview room, and then handed me a flier with the names of several other staffing / temp companies and told me to “go and apply to these other companies because they will help further” my job search.

While I understand that warehouse work is traditionally a male occupation, I see no reason as to why females should be discouraged or even barred from that type of employment.

How to sue an employer: before any evidence can be “disappeared,” go to your local labor and employment attorneys, ask whether they work for the employment agency, and if they do NOT, then make an inquiry as to whether you should sue the potential employer.




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