A note on hatred toward the poor

Let’s be blunt – the poor here in America are despised, hated, and preyed upon.

In fact, nearly everything that can be done to restrict employment and carve the poor out of the economy is being planned, contemplated, or acted upon right now.

  • Companies will pay for work to be shipped abroad before they will hire a low-wage worker here.
  • Charities will help the middle classes before they will help the homeless – a friend of mine reported that she was required to show a utility bill before getting food from a large Metro Atlanta area charity.
  • Employers shun the homeless and discriminate through irrelevant credit checks.
  • Discriminating managers will check job applicants’ cars for child seats.
  • Demanding that job applicants own a car is another tactic.
  • Restaurants call the police on beggars standing within line of sight outside.
  • The uninsured are charged nearly four to ten times the rate that the insured pay.
  • Price floors by law – gas & cigarette prices are artificially raised through taxes.
  • Motorists will run pedestrians and bicyclists over with their cars – and not care.

The 1% here in the USA does not carepoverty unseen is poverty ignored – this is why homeless shelters in metro areas face criticism and challenges by the wealthier classes.  Today’s 1% have not had to go through serious hardships like their previous generations, and they want to shun the poor.  But do they do anything to HELP these people they shun?  Not much at all.

My idea is this: if the rich continue to abuse the poor and demand that they stay out of sight, the poor need to be given car rides into these wealthy neighborhoods and they need to go door to door on awareness campaigns.  None of this “not in my backyard” syndrome should be allowed.  The poor need to picket outside expensive restaurants and other hang-outs.  The poor need to be in-your-face visible.  Problems need to be addressed, not swept under the rug.  And the companies responsible for the downfall of this nation need to be busted up and their officers, CEOs, executives , and managers responsible need to be laid off and forced to compete with everybody else for work, to feel how bad the job market is.

The phrase “have an easy feast” has become trite and devoid of real meaning.  The cultural rule of noblise oblige has disappeared. The rich have created a pile of bullshit as tall as the eye can see about how they create jobs for us while they export our jobs overseas.

Our elected officials need to be kicked out and new ones need to be placed in authority – people from average society, not the usual (rich) suspects – and we need a reboot, NOT the destruction of our governments.  We need to cut the surplus spending on crap logic in our security services and focus on teaching respect and trust for each other, NOT piracy, looting, and abuse of other people.  We need to build up our nation, not destroy what little is left.

Our courts need to allow ethics to be a central part of cases as well.  Ethics is essential – we need to step up and address the REAL problems in society instead of demonizing the poor for being poor.  Examples: homeless people arrested simply for standing around, teens who skip school, drug addicts, petty thieves, and protesters.

It’s time for a change, people, before it gets bloody here in America.  I am NOT a fan of violence, nor do I promote the idea of misusing defense weapons or tactics.  I see a nasty future as people who have lost everything they owned become hungry and unable to obtain the most basic of necessities are being forced to rob and steal to survive.  I see a horrible nightmare coming closer with each passing day, as I march past each company downtown through Atlanta on the job hunt, and can cite a list of crimes and ethics violations as tall as I am.


About Amy Barnes

Author has extensive experience in Retail, including two years as a supervisor. Educated in Psychology, Financial Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Programming. Work experience in Law Enforcement, Security (IT), Programming (REALBasic, SQL, VB, JAVA), Retail.
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