Occupy Atlanta and Kasim Reed cartoons

I never thought that I would end up well-known throughout Cobb County for standing my ground against hundreds of police on my Free Speech and Assembly rights.  But I did.

And I **still** cannot find that Channel 2 news clip people are telling me about! (o.O)

The City of Atlanta mayor’s office itself is being “occupied” by a mad man named Hakim Reed – a supposed Democrat – who ordered over a hundred police officers to go and crack down on the dissent in Troy Davis Park.  But I did not see him even try to reduce the muggings that happened just blocks away from hundreds of police officers.

Here is the start of a collection of cartoons on the Occupy Wall Street solidarity movement  in Atlanta, GA (Occupy Atlanta: the Website, on Twitter, and on FaceBook.)

hakim reed gets governed by oa

Hakim Reed gets Governed by Occupy Atlanta

Kasim Reed says females arrested females

Kasim Reed says females were arrested by females

WHO governs?!? WE govern!
Honestly, I am proud to say that a bunch of hippies OWNED the Mayor of Atlanta for nearly two weeks.  HA!

Why do you protest? <— people ask this often, and make fun of the answers.
I go and help out as often as I can because The People do not really HAVE a real forum where their grievances can be safely addressed, and acknowledged, and maybe acted upon.

Consider the Occupation movement a sort of “buffet table” where you can select the issue(s) you like and work with others there to try and change things.

Try it out – come and ask us what you wish to know, and attend a few seminars (such as growing your own food or learning more about the Foreclosure mess).

CHEERS!  (more cartoons to be posted as they are made)


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