Justin Bieber’s surprise concert: why the secrecy?

Jennifer Brett from the AJC blog “The Buzz” reported:

Justin Bieber’s appearance at Saturday night’s Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards show was sort of supposed to be a surprise.

After letting us know about it early on organizers tried to put the kibosh on word getting out. That worked about as well as you’d expect. The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre was packed with screaming tweens.

Why the secrecy?  My guess – the planners did not want to be ovverrun with screaming mimis and angry helicopter moms** from the upper classes howling that Darling Dear could not get tickets.

When I worked at the concert ticket desk for a retailer, my line would be overrun with kids  desperate for tickets for various concerts – months ahead of time. I believe that these people were probably doing the right thing for a last-minute concert, especially since local events have produced tens of thousands of people on a mere week’s notice – anyone who was at the HB-87 Immigration protest at the GA State capital building steps could verify this.  Over 11,000 people showed up.  Justin Bieber garners similar numbers everywhere he performs.

party planners discuss concert secrecy

Justin Bieber's performance wasn't widely advertised for a reason.

So – my theory for the attempt at secrecy is that these people wanted it to be a relatively tame concert, and I believe that these planners may have wanted an easier to manage event, as all kinds of nasty things happen when too many people crowd an event.

While I am not a screaming fan of his, I do appreciate Justin’s success and wish him well.

** I was the subject of NASTY attitude from one mom who was mad at me because I was unable to get her Birthday Boy tickets to a wildly popular concert (it had sold out the first day tickets were available) – and she was trying to buy tickets the day before the concert.  I forget the name of the performer, but I do remember that he performed in the ATL once every several years or so as part of some Tour schedule.

Anyway – the show was aired live, according to the Buzz article, and credit was given in the comments to Mother’s Finest for helping out.

I believe today’s kids get WAY too hysterical over popular artists.  I do not attend live concerts, because I do not want to pay good money to listen to some 11 year old shriek (my time is better spent running a business & socking away the money).


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