How to turn off FaceBook Video Auto Play

With pictures – Here is a step-by-step guide to turning off your video play settings on FaceBook that are hogging your data and making FaceBook both slow and expensive to use on a cell phone:

1 & 2.  On the top right side of FaceBook, there is a settings menu – see the picture below for steps 1 and 2 for where to click.


3 & 4.  Locate the Video settings on the left-hand side of the settings window, and set the setting to “off.”  See the picture below for where to click.  You can click the picture for a larger size picture.


Four steps, there you go.  The auto-play feature should be automatically updated when you click the setting and turn it off.

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Springfield, MO Police Dept tweet endangers the legitimacy of law enforcement nationwide

Here is the original tweet… below it is a political response.

… and here is the political response.

Thoughts? Comments? Where are the non-LEO members of this community? What would you say if someone you knew in this town was killed via police brutality?

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Irony: PD tweets about “having fun with the Ferguson community,” shows zero non-LEO citizens.

Here it is – the ironic tweet and a response.

What do you have to say?

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Download Anonymous – Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution pdf

Here is an archived copy of the Anonymous Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution.

This site is not the author of this document but hosts it as a public service, functioning as a “peoples’ press” distributer.


The link above will take you to an attachment page, and you just download the file.  No registration is necessary.

Have a document you want hosted?  Use the contact form below, and include the name and description of what you want hosted, and return e-mails requesting the document will be sent out first-come-first-serve:


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“The law game” – proof of institutionalized racism and classicism? You decide.

I found a few interesting things buried in a Q and A reportback regarding a change to Cobb County ordinances published online.  The speaker was a government official who is now an Attorney General…

“… if we wanted to follow the U.S. Constitution, [...] the cases didn’t go too far in Magistrate Court. …”

“A lot of the people wouldn’t know enough to play the law game and would move, but some of the time they knew enough to play the law game and would fight [...] so the cases would get dismissed.”

Now, read the archived document, and judge for yourself whether or not “high-crime area” is simply code-speak for “largely comprised of poor / minorities.”

Download the document here: Madison-Forums-Olens*
* This document has been archived pursuant to the 1st Amendment / press free use.

But, before you decide for yourself, let me testify:  less than 18 hours after the restriction on residency was passed, police held raids throughout the trailer parks and pulled entire families out of their residences in the middle of the night with absolutely no notice whatsoever, and I found out about the raids after friends and family members lined up outside my door asking for help.

I believe that those in charge are racist and classist.  It’s systemic and it’s time for change.

Get out your shopping lists for changes you want, and get political or face the consequences, because governments change only when forced to do so.  Unplug those headphones, get on the word processors and email applications, and start pressing for change.  Or keep suffering.  It’s your choice.


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