Garrett v Cobb: Excessive force claim allowed to proceed.

25 JAN – 2017 — A new excessive force lawsuit is being allowed to proceed against four Cobb County police officers, one of them a sergeant.  

Archived here on this site — Complaint: Complaint

Archived here on this site — Judge’s order: Doc16-OrderProceed

FEDERAL CASE  — Case 1:16-cv-00755


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CCPD – Policies Manual – 10/10/16

COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA — October 10, 2016 — This is the Cobb County Police Dept manual, published as a single PDF, downloaded and archived on October 10, 2016.


NOTE: Any unit, group, division, etc. of Cobb County PD likely has their own internal documents, manuals, guides, etc.  separately available.

ORIGINAL FILE SOURCE is to an EXTERNAL LINK–20160501-Present.pdf

This page was made to provide a Known Good / Benchmark Date of Oct 10, 2016.


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Magnolia Crossing – Marietta Square Protest & Press Release – 1/24/16

MARIETTA, GA — Jan 24, 2016 — A protest is slated to be held at later today (Sun, Jan 24, 2016) at Marietta Square at 5pm today with a press conference scheduled for 6pm.  Read the following press release below for more information:





January 24, 2016


Today on Marietta Square – Protest at 5pm, Press Conference at 6pm.

The GA community Coalition is declaring an immediate state of emergency in Cobb County – ~30 families, almost all of them with babies and/or children, will be facing immediate homelessness and refugee status in dangerous subfreezing conditions.

The South Cobb Redevelopment Authority (SCRA) has withheld relocation assistance payments that were promised to these families, forcing hundreds of people to relocate on very short notice during the holiday season with absolutely no resources whatsoever.

We are demanding that the Cobb County Redevelopment Authority supply $1,000 in promised assistance up-front plus a refund on the last month’s rent.

There is a possibility of emergency litigation but we are primarily focused on holding the Redevelopment Authority accountable as this is a life-threatening situation; people have already frozen to death and now entire families face homelessness in mid-winter.

We are reaching out to have as many Magnolia Park families as possible available on the Square to share their stories. is being developed and flyers will be available with more info on how area residents can help these families.

– Amy Barnes,
Georgia Community Coalition
(678) 368-7821 Cell

For More Information:

Michael Dorsey – (404) 784-9933 –
Amy Barnes – Cell: (678) 368-7821 –

Archived in PDF format here: MagnoliaPressRelease-16_1_24_UPDATED


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New York Courts: The Complete Search Warrant, Annotated

NEW YORK: Published in November of 2004 — The Complete Search Warrant, Annotated — this manual, archived here in PDF format, provides insight into search warrants as of 2004.

The Complete Search Warrant, Annotated — download link — online link to source

For more help for indigent defendants in New York, the The Erie County Bar Association
Aid to Indigent Prisoners Society, Inc. has a web page of resources:


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Scam Alert: PowerBall does not have a Facebook lottery.

ATLANTA – December 7, 2015 — Claims of a fictitious Facebook lottery are cropping up once again, replete with the usual bad grammar, punctuation errors, and broken English. This time, users from Marietta and other areas of Cobb and Fulton County are being targeted.

Marietta, GA, residents are being targeted this time.

It appears as if the scam is operating through Facebook Chat, which is fairly smart because there’s no real way (yet) to report scams as such, via Chat or Messenger.

Here are the accounts involved:
1.  “Willam Wade” –
2.  “Dennis Ray Bills” –

Until Facebook suspends these accounts, the links should work.  If you can, please flag these accounts.  The screen captures below show how this particular scam was started through Facebook’s chat system. At the bottom of this post, you will find three news / gov’t resources on this scam, known as an Advance Fee scam.

FaceBook Lottery1

Introduction to the scam. Screenshot No. 1.

FaceBook Lottery2

Screenshot No. 2 – “the explanation.”

FaceBook Lottery3

And here we go – contact via Chat to another account.

FaceBook Lottery4

Here we see a link to that second account, and more errors.

FaceBook Lottery5

Finally, an admonition to Friend the second account.

FaceBook Lottery9

The “Online manager” – has PowerBall seen this account?

Don’t be fooled by the a Facebook Lottery scam.  It doesn’t exist.

The Better Business Bureau has a post regarding the Facebook Lottery scam:

ABC News reported similar news in 2014:

The FBI has a page for common schemes:

Resources archived via PDF print-outs:
1.  BBB Facebook Lottery Scam: Facebook Lottery Scam
2. ABC News – Woman Scammed: Scammed by Facebook Lottery – ABC News d
3. FBI – Common Schemes Page: FBI — Common Fraud Schemes

Help your friends and family avoid scams – share this post!


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