Father playing guitar at park harassed by police.

MARIETTA, GA — June 1, 2013: Kevin Holden, a father, was apparently deemed “too poor” to hang out and play his guitar while watching his son play in a public park located in a pricy area of Marietta, GA.


He was at East Cobb Park to watch his six-year-old son play at the park, and had brought along his guitar, only to be interrupted by Cobb County Police; the police were called to the park to investigate, and, possibly eject, Holden and his son.  Holden reported that the video does not include that he was asked by another parent’s child if he was, first, “a bum,” and then, “a hipster.”  It was shortly after this conversation, according to Holden, that the police were called on him.

In the video that has just now been released to the public, Cobb County Police Department officers Eric Shinholster and Travis Wood are seen hassling Holden at East Cobb Park.  Holden demanded that a report of the incident be written, and, in front of Holden’s six-year-old son, an officer was seen standing, hand on weapon, before an incident ID number was handed over to Holden.  Holden was ordered to pack up and leave the park.

Hand on gun.

Hand on gun.

Here is a ShortLink to the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/hI-F1UiVJ28

Now, here is the embedded video (see below):

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, appended to the United States Constitution, covers such things as playing music on a guitar in public.  A D.C.-area busker won a decision allowing him to play his guitar near the Metro station.

This incident caused Holden to question as to whether or not Cobb County Police Dept. policies (and adherence to such policies) regarding police interactions with citizens remain compliant with both state laws and citizens’ rights under the Bill of Rights.  A formal complaint was attempted, but the results were inadequate, according to Holden.

“I thought I was going to be shot or tasered right in front of my son; I thought that I was going to die,” Holden said in an interview; “It was traumatic; I’ve been robbed at gunpoint, but this time it was the police harassing me… I tried to complain but, based on what I got back, it seemed like they were trying to avoid litigation rather than hold the officers accountable.” Holden stated, reiterating that the public trust being broken can cause distrust, disrupt peoples’ lives, and cause trauma.

Holden is not alone.  Multiple incidents in Cobb County involving the police have caused residents to demand changes and oversight.  This includes one of the County’s own commissioners.  On July 14, 2015, Commissioner Lisa Cupid was tailed by an undercover officer using a “seedy looking car” following her into her neighborhood as she traveled home from a late-night study session for the GA Bar exam held at a local hotel.  Cupid later attempted to raise the issue of accountability and oversight via an independent citizen review board.  Cupid’s call for oversight was met with fierce criticism from some people on FaceBook.  A sample of public comments filled with scathing vitriol are archived: http://atfirstsite.us/wordpress/?attachment_id=4707

One such review board does exist in Atlanta, and, incidentally, this same review board had recently launched a ‘Don’t Run’ campaign that drew heavy criticism.  CBS46 News has reported that the ‘Don’t Run’ campaign has been suspended.

The issues of police harassment and brutality throughout the United States were recently addressed in the latest U.N. Human Rights Council report, published on May 15, 2015.  The ACLU has published its own article on the UN report, highlighting the fact that over three hundred and forty recommendations were given regarding how the United States as a whole can improve its human rights situation.  The UN report is archived for download herehttp://atfirstsite.us/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/a_hrc_wg-6_22_l-10.pdf

Holden’s case is merely one of many small situations that have added up across the county to the point that a group effort to demand changes is underway and the general goal is to put a stop to the campaign of harassment waged against the poor and minority classes that is pervasive and entrenched in Cobb County.

For more information on Cobb County Police Dept and Commissioners:

What do you think about this incident?  Comments are appreciated.

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Aldi saves you money.

Aldi is one of those gems – there’s no variety and word is that they are cash only.  If you’re up for a BASIC shopping trip for staples only, then go to Aldi.


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Now Hiring – Marietta, GA / Cobb County.

MARIETTA, GA — Aug 14, 2015 — IF you are looking for work, here is a page updated with For Hire locations that I and others spot throughout town.  This page will be updated to include a downloadable PDF directory of jobs available.

1.  8/10/15 – Dollar Tree / the dollar store — Wal-Mart @ East West Connector shopping center.  Seeking a clerk.

2.  Atlanta Beverage Company – saw van sign asking for drivers – http://www.atlantabev.com/careers/

3.  Warehouse / Drivers – National Distribution Company – http://www.ndcweb.com/

Are you hiring or do you know of a job available?  Send your tip in here:


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Moonlighting app expands to metro Atlanta area.

ATLANTA — August 14, 2015 — Moonlighting is the Uber of the workforce.  I tested this app out and was hired for a small contract job within an hour.  Expect some changes as Moonlighting improves and expands its service throughout the area.  Click the link to be referred to a sign-up form, where you’ll be allowed to post your talents for hire.


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CRIME NEWS! Creepy old store gets broken into, (almost) no one cares.

ATLANTA — August 14, 2015 — One of Grant Park’s “black sheep on the block” has suffered another break-in last night.  A window on the far right side of the storefront was smashed in and a set of iron security bars was seen leaning with one bar dented in (pictures below).  One lone police officer was seen at the scene, waiting for the owner to arrive.

The last break-in had an ending worthy of a Funniest Criminals movie… the thief broke in through the ceiling and dropped in, only to discover no way to get out.  He was easily caught the next day.

This store is apparently not well-liked.  Upon hearing the news about this break-in, one resident said, “Good.”

Reviews of this store can be found on Yelp:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/azars-package-store-2-atlanta

Several signs advertising for the sale of the property were recently put up, then taken down.


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