Is Cobb County’s Poll finder hacked?

MARIETTA, GA — Nov. 4, 2014 — Cobb County’s poll locator and personalized ballot application is down (it’s now 10:17am).  With accusations of voter suppression flying across this country, the question is – is this a hack, a mistake, or something else?


Welcome to Cobb County, Georgia – “Expect the best!” … in mistakes.

Now, where do I go vote?  I guess I’d better check my paper record.

Good luck and happy voting day!


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Squatter, desperate against homelessness, claims her “boyfriend said she can,” gets to live in a house for free.

DETROIT, Mich. — Oct. 27, 2014 — Unless the courts act, a mother, desperate to avoid homelessness, gets to live in a free house in the meantime.  Lyn Williams openly admitted to squatting and claimed that she has a right to live there because her “boyfriend told her she could squat in, and take, a home.”

Williams raised an complaint against the homeowner of record, Sarah Hamilton, alleging that Hamilton tried to run her over with a vehicle.  Hamilton, however, has a different story to tell:

“I had permission from the bank and I also had permission from the police,” Hamilton said. “The police told me there is no more squatters rights, you have the right to take back your property.

“You don’t have the right to physically touch anyone in the home. But once you come in and say you have to get out, this is my house you are not welcome here, you are trespassing. If they don’t leave you can call the police. But police were already there.”

Hamilton says police left before she could finish giving Williams the boot.

“(Williams) came from down the street with a knife and tried to stab me,” Hamilton said. “We had to hop in the car, drove forward and drove in reverse, we were on the grass.”

“When she skirted off, words were exchanged,” Burger said.

“He proceeded to say that I would end up in a lake,” Hamilton said. “He proceeded to say if her belongings were taken out, the house would be fire-bombed.”

“She tried to run me move with her vehicle,” Williams said.

“I never hit anybody,” Hamilton said.

This is NOT related in any way to Occupy Our Homes, the movement where people try to demand alternatives to foreclosures.

Here is where you can see the story:

Welcome to the entitlement mentality stemming from desperation.  In other words, “I stole it fair and square.”

This is what happens when bankers are above the law and the citizenry is left in abject poverty as a result.  People are left with literally no other choice than to fight each other like rats to survive.

The proper solution for the homeowner is in the courts, but, why should the homeowner pay with the use of her home when she is not the one responsible for the squatter’s situation? On the other side of the fence – this will continue if the bankers are not held responsible for their crimes.  

Bankers reaped profits when homeowners lost their homes to the recessions caused by jobs relocated overseas as a result of laws that reward the outsourcing of jobs with tax breaks.

For every single foreclosure, the banks actually profit four times the value of the home foreclosed upon.  When a home is foreclosed upon, the banks get the insured amount of the loan covered by Private Mortgage Insurance.  Then the bank gets the actual home itself.  Then the banks get to keep whatever was paid on the note’s principle.  Then, on top of that, the bank gets to sell the house again for yet another round of profiteering.

Fox Chicago News posted their story on FaceBook as well:


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Driver hits special needs bus in front of school.

This gallery contains 11 photos.

MARIETTA, GA — Oct. 30, 2014 — at approx. 6:45 to 7am, a driver hit a special needs school bus in the street in front of Milford Elementary School, in Cobb County on Windy Hill Rd near Austell Rd.  The … Continue reading

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Poll: What kind of art do you want to support?

I am one of the occupiers still stuck in the court system…

For those of you who don’t yet know the story, Cobb County Police arrested me for protesting what I believed was an unlawful detention and shake-down of someone for simply standing outside while being a minority… I really hit a nerve when I said “F* the police!  Cobb Police suck!” while passing by.  I also have a case in the Atlanta Muni Court – I was lucky #8 among 53 arrested during the Occupy Atlanta encampment raid.

I am fighting in federal court but need ~$1,300 for transcripts for state court, and am on appeal to fight for property rights but am required to pay a filing fee to engage in that fight, another ~$500.  I do not want to hold out an open hand and offer nothing in return.

Now, the poll…

*I do not use PayPal.  They messed up an account over an error and blocked my ability to accept payments from an ad-sharing blogging platform, so I now boycott PayPal.

Thanks to all who support me in my case and lawsuit – I am not fighting just for my own rights; I am fighting to force Cobb County to pay reparations for my false imprisonment and for the hell and humiliation of restricted release while facing jail time for free speech.

For nearly a year, I was required to agree to live under conditions of pretrial release that mirror the conditions of punitive probation.  The county stripped me of my gun rights, no alcohol was allowed, and I had to report every week (by phone).  Add to that a travel ban that required me to stay in the state.  I ended up missing the opportunity to travel for free to New York with friends and fellow Occupiers.  I could not attend a wedding.  I could not afford the time off to go to friends’ houses to celebrate, because I had case work due.

Two police officers and the County should pay reparations for what they put me through. The stress of a twelve-hour court day does not include the nearly-thousand-hour odyssey that was my first six months after release: calling dozens of attorneys, doing legal research, editing documents, preparing my own trial binder, filing FOIA requests, fetching certified documents from various sources… the odds and ends required to help win a trial.

Finally, after I won my state court case, there is still the fact that I cannot erase the horror of social media calls for me to be killed for “disrespecting the badges.”

Activism does not pay, but it should – activists are the only “politicians” for the people willing to fight to keep our rights intact.  So, the best I can do for now is to release cartoons and hope that people are willing to pay for them – unless you, dear reader, have a better idea (I already do contract work, it just does not pay enough to make ends meet).

Thanks to all who support me in my endeavors.  One day I hope to go into law and politics professionally – and get paid enough to do this critical work – because someone has got to take a stand for the poor and underserved.  And ALL of law is derived of politics, so the fight for and against laws is quite literally a requirement if we want to stay safe and free.

– Amy Barnes,
cartoonist and #OccupyTheCourts activist.

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