Free web Mileage and Expenses tracker

This tiny web app allows you to declare any user name and start tabulating a simple chart of Expenses and Mileage for use in tax time. You can even use multiple user names for multiple sets of data.

Below is a screen grab of the main screen, and further down is the link.

No special characters are allowed.

I hope you find this small app useful! Eventually there might be a paid subscription model available for a small fee.


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LifeHacks: when you need socks for high heels.

This is perfect for when you have leggings that go with a long-ish blouse.

Pantyhose does not always work – especially when wearing heels with pants or leggings. In fact, there’s another alternative to using hose or hose stockings – One Easy Trick not often taught, but instead learned through trial and error – and need.

Paper towels can be fitted to the feet by wrapping a portion over your toes and then sliding the foot in, and tucking the paper towel around the foot to fit neatly into the shoe.

HOWEVER. Not all paper towels are equal.

The ones I prefer are called White Rags in a Box, made in the USA and are sold in places like Home Depot – these paper towels are so awesome and durable that ONE can be used and re-used to clean an entire stove-top.

White Rags in a Box are perfect for shoes where actual socks would be super tacky, and plenty of testing has resulted in the discovery that these super thick and absorbent towels can last literally all day long, while providing a bit of cushioning for feet.

So, why do this? It helps minimize the amount of stink left into a shoe due to foot sweat staying in a shoe. This also helps avoid needing to clean the inside of the shoe.


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Sterigenics Scandal: What do the studies have to say?

MARIETTA — An outdoor dog, half its weight in bizarre, enormous tumors, has finally died. One neighbor was recently diagnosed with breast cancer – for the fourth time – and is finally in remission. Another neighbor died of breast cancer. And then there is the perplexing case of a neighbor who has to sleep almost the entire day, and suffers spasms that can cause falls, and injuries.

These people are linked by having lived in one very small neighborhood, 9.1 miles away from a processing plant currently under intense scrutiny for leakages of Ethylene Oxide, now known to be a carcinogen.

It was recently reported in the AJC that an Illinois plant leaking the same chemical had affected neighborhoods as far as 25 miles away. (–politics/cobb-residents-dig-for-fight-over-sterigenics-plant-emissions/XUoAGKJLPrhZ3hfXh63RAN/)

Community members, outraged, called for the shuttering of the plant. One question continues to be asked: what does the science say, that residents do not know?

Below, you will see Ethylene Oxide referred to as “EO” to save space.

Here are some extracts of findings, paired with download links to studies / reports:

  1. It has been known as far back as 2007 that EO can demineralize teeth by approximately 22% if acute exposure happens; an article was written for Journal of Dentistry, (Vol 35) entitled “Effect of ethylene oxide sterilization on enamel and dentin demineralization in vitro” by Renske Z. Thomas, Jan L. Ruben, Jaap J. ten Bosch, and Marie-Charlotte D.N.J.M. Huysmans. It is presented below for personal use only.

2. A toxicological profile on EO was released in 1990 by William L. Roper, M.D., M.P.H., Administrator for the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, of the U.S. Public Health Service. Note that, as far back as 1990, EO was tied to effects regarding eyesight, birth weights [being lower], neurological functions, breathing, psychology, and more. Download the rather old toxicological profile on EO via the link presented below.

3. In December of 2018, the EPA released an update of its hazard summary of EO – did you know that testicular degeneration in males is one possible side effect of EO exposure? The summary is available, via the download link below.

*** As more resources are found, this story will be updated. ***
– Amy Barnes, of Marietta, GA

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WARNING: Software can trigger a bank account lock-out.

It can happen seemingly out of nowhere: ATM access denied. Card deactivated. A call in line rep “cannot confirm, nor deny, anything at this time.” A personal visit to the bank is required. I now know the cause and the solution.

First – it happened to me; I am writing this from direct, personal experience.
For the ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ crowd – here’s your receipt, below:

LOCKED OUT and DEACTIVATED over an Android emulator!

What happened is this: I use an OS other than Android, I wanted to play my favorite games while working, and so I turned around and downloaded NoxPlayer. Screenshot below:

Without a second thought, I also downloaded my bank’s handy little app and started logging in to see my account. And here is where it got interesting…

Bank security, a day later, locked down my ATM and app access, and deactivated my debit card. They told me that someone out of California had gained access to my account. I’ve never been in California, so of course I agreed to get a new username and password for online access.

A few days later, I noticed that Arcade City had announced an app update. One quick glance showed me the answer I needed: the Android emulator had a static location declared, and it was coordinated somewhere in California. Screenshot below:

IF you are using Android emulators, please double-check the location service setting, as this could cause huge problems with apps like Maps, banking, etc.

Sharing this article – and not using ad blockers – will help me earn enough to keep this blog online.


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PHOTOS: MARTA has the answer to “everything.”

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The answer to “everything” was right in front of my face all along… PHOTOS. Continue reading

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