Bit Sequence – 3% daily ROI on offer

 Click the link — 3% each day is on offer — MORE INFO BELOW – invest at your own risk.

From reading their TOS, it looks like each investment package on offer is a permanent purchase – you do not get your principle back.  What I would do is get the 3pct ROI on a small investment and then reap 3pct until you get the principle back, and then reinvest after getting the initial principle back if you want higher returns on investment.

MIN amount: $10.00 USD value of: BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and more.

Sign up for your own account, use the link above.


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Cartoon: Service Animals joke 001

Anything can be a service animal

Cartoon regarding service animal declarations.  (c) 2017 Amy Barnes.

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Cartoon: DMVS on Halloween

Click for a larger picture size

10/27/2017 — Cartoon – DMVS on Halloween.  (c) 2017 Amy Barnes.

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#QuickTip: Reserve your child’s GMail now, while you still can.

So you have a kid. Think forward and reserve their GMail address ASAP, especially if they have anything unique about their name. The sooner you plan, the easier it will be to set up their online presence. 

Be sure to set up the account with your account as having admin access, so that you can monitor communications.


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TrendWatch: Java Cats!

Pet cats, sip on coffee, or do both in the cat room. Each coffee sold benefits hundreds of cats and helps keep the shelter running.

Java Cats is located right in the middle of Grant Park, Atlanta, across from historic Oakland Cemetery. Each cat is well cared-for in a cage-free environment. Adoptions are through PAWS, a shelter and adoption organization. The cats are well-fed and some of them can even do a high-five!

Adoptions have nearly doubled for PAWS, a feat worthy of praise. 

PARKING – Parking is available early in the morning, but is limited from lunchtime onward. If you book an appointment, it is suggested to either park on the streets nearby or hail an Uber.

NEARBY: Oakland Cemetery is right across the street, there are bicycle rental stations nearby, and the MLK Center is within a brief driving distance.

THE TREND –  Java Cats is breaking the barrier between animals and humans coexisting in a retail environment. It is the first ever cat shelter and cafe combo on the eastern coast. Also – anything and everything CATS is on display.

Check out this trendy place and comment here to let others know what you think!


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