South American nightmare: the Giant Bird Eating Tarantula is the size of a puppy is discovered.

It shoots its hair (urticulating bristles, to be exact), can pierce a mouse’s skull, and can grow foot-long legs; Entomologist Piotr Naskrecki ( has discovered a new source of material for horror flicks out in Guyana: the Theraphosa blondi – or Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula.

Here is a link to the horror spoof video with a puppy in a spider costume:

See the picture below and the full story on WSB-TV here:

Via Wikimedia Commons, here is the Giant Birdeating Spider.Theraphosa_blondi_1

When will these finally make it to the United States?  Given Hollywood’s depictions of how spiders come across our borders, you might want to double-check any produce bins before reach for anything… sweet dreams! :D


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18-wheeler strikes, cuts down power pole. (10/15/2014)

ATLANTA — 10/15/2014 —  Witnesses stated that a black 18-wheeler struck and chopped out the bottom of a light pole, leaving a live wire on the road and the light hanging low.  The incident occurred at ~ 6:50pm.

Some people on the scene have suggested a ban on 18-wheelers and other large trucks driving down the back roads of Atlanta, raising concerns that local intersections in Atlanta are too narrow for an 18-wheeler to safely turn in.

Here are the pictures, credit to Amy Barnes.

20141015_185041 (1)


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VIDEO of a man beating a puppy, Sheriff’s dept has nothing to say.

Flowood, MS – 10/07/2014 – This man, described as Jonathan Granger, admitted that he “spanked” his puppy.  The screenshot of his admission is on the page linked below this video.  Do you love puppies?  If so, this video may be hard to watch.

The Flowood, MS, Sheriff’s Department literally had nothing to say when asked what they actually did to address this case.  A deputy admitted over the phone that they know about this video, but cannot list out any concrete steps taken to address this abuse.  The full story, including Mr. Gardner’s admission, is below the video.

Make the call – save a puppy from a possible abuser.  Here’s the full story:

HERE is the link to YouTube, for easier sharing:


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Flowood, MS, man beats puppy on video, Sheriff’s Dept has nothing to say.

Flowood, MS — Will a puppy-beater get off the hook? The Flowood, MS, Sheriff’s Department has nothing to say when asked what they’ve done.

A desk deputy stated today over the phone, at 5:03pm, EST, is that “it has been taken care of,” yet there is no statement available as to what has been done.  No arrest, no charges, no NOTHING. 

The video is archived here on this site for news reporting purposes. It was originally posted on Facebook by Lindsey Waldron, the author of the video.  Because large pages can overload a cell phone’s memory, the video is posted separately (see links below).

Here is where you can view the video:

Here is the YouTube of this same video:

Jonathan Granger admitted to “spanking” his puppy:

The archived picture of Jonathan Granger’s Facebook message is presented below:

Jonathan Granger Response

The City of Flowood, MS, and its Sheriff’s department need to hear the public seek redress.

What should you want?  Please demand a statement as to what the Sheriff’s Department has actually done to address this abuse, and an apology or charges for Mr. Granger – NO puppy should suffer a “spanking” that goes as far as this man went.

How much longer will the Sheriff’s department give this man to “spank” his puppy? Your voice will help to end the abuse.

Here’s the City of Flowood, MS, website:

Here’s the number to the Sheriff’s Dept:
(601) 825-1480

Will you make the call to save a puppy from further abuse?



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How to turn off FaceBook Video Auto Play

With pictures – Here is a step-by-step guide to turning off your video play settings on FaceBook that are hogging your data and making FaceBook both slow and expensive to use on a cell phone:

1 & 2.  On the top right side of FaceBook, there is a settings menu – see the picture below for steps 1 and 2 for where to click.


3 & 4.  Locate the Video settings on the left-hand side of the settings window, and set the setting to “off.”  See the picture below for where to click.  You can click the picture for a larger size picture.


Four steps, there you go.  The auto-play feature should be automatically updated when you click the setting and turn it off.

If you enjoyed this, please share it in thanks – more visitors means more ad revenue and visitors keep this site alive.


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